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We have been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the most amazing organisations from all over the world. Here are just a few...


Client Success Testimonials


Suzanne Hope Ambrogetti

Senior Director, Global Opportunities - IRC

I have worked with Nick on a number of projects and I can highly recommend him. He is both strategic and practical, supportive and empowering. His level of knowledge on the area of digital fundraising is second to non, as is his experience across multiple countries and complex organizations. He is reliable, organized, consistent and a pleasure to work with.

Paul Mathews-Brokenshire

Head of Individual Giving at World Food Programme

Nick is one of the most complete digital marketers I know in the for purpose sector. I've used him as a consultant and I've taken part in his Facebook mastermind training courses. He is highly results driven with scale and sustainable growth his strongest drivers. Strong analytical skillsets. Highly creative. Very solution focused.

Really understands the digital ecosystem after years of experience and he really gets Facebook and it's range of tools and how to leverage this for sustainable growth. We found the mastermind training courses incredibly useful both from a strategic perspective and understanding how to drive scale and also from all the little tips and tricks implementation tricks he shares.

Importantly he isn't a "one size fits all" solution guy both for ngos and different markets - he gets markets factors vary and so do ngos. He wants to support you into how to get the best solution for your individual circumstances, proposition and cause.


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Ola Wiig-Hanssen

Fundraising Manager at UNICEF Norge

If you want to win in the digital race you must be ahead of the pack. Alone I can't keep up. So I need advice that is at the absolute cutting edge of technology, delivered in a no-nonsense understandable way.

Nick consistently delivers just that and I consider him one of the best advisors I have ever consulted in digital marketing.

David Girling

Senior Advisor, Private Fundraising & Partnerships at UNICEF

Nick has helped us in UNICEF Asia Pacific to use digital media to expand fundraising in emerging markets. His advice has been extremely sound, he really knows his stuff and manages interpersonal relationships very well. And he's a thoroughly nice guy!

Client Success Videos

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Suzanne Hope Ambrogetti

Senior Director, Global Opportunities - IRC

Joanna Wiseman

Marketing Lead, Global Campaigns at UNICEF

Emily Martin

Digital Advertising Officer

Kalyn Paul & Alexandria O’neill

DIRECTOR, MEDIA PERFORMANCE & Digital Marketing coordinator



Wendy Ahl

UK Operations Director